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Slaughtering a Reading Slump

Recently, I’ve found myself locked in a powerful and irritating battle with the Slump Monster. This has been so aggravating for multiple reasons, but the most prevalent of those reasons are all the really cool books that I’ve bought over the course of this past month! Paroozing through bookstores and online bookish shelves has allotted…… Continue reading Slaughtering a Reading Slump

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Pachinko by Min Jin Lee – A Book Review

Pachinko is one of those books that sticks with you even after you’ve finished it. There’s this lingering feeling in your gut that you can’t shake as you ponder all of the wonderful, and sometimes intense, thoughts that are left in its wake. Min Jin Lee accomplishes a fantastic feat with her novel and I…… Continue reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee – A Book Review

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Dreams of Joy by Lisa See – A Book Review

“I remember the story Tao told me about the water buffalo and why it wore blinders. He said the animal’s suffering in this life was punishment for things it had done in a past life. Now I think of a different reason. To make an ox or water buffalo work so hard, it needs to…… Continue reading Dreams of Joy by Lisa See – A Book Review

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Favourite Valentine’s Day Manga!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you all are doing fantastic! To celebrate the fluff and mush of this love-tacular day, I decided to build a stack of my favourite manga serials that I love to read on Valentine’s! While some of them do have butterfly-inducing romance in them, most of these titles are genuinely feel-good…… Continue reading Favourite Valentine’s Day Manga!!

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Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2!

Good afternoon, bibliophiles! Welcome back to another week of sharing fantastic diverse literature! The meme was created by the wonderful Aimal Farooq over at Bookshelves & Paperbacks in an effort to feature more diverse authors and books within the bookworm community! If you are interested in checking out this fun diversity party, just click the…… Continue reading Diversity Spotlight Thursday #2!